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The Bolder Booster Club

Are you looking to make a HUGE difference in the life of a child?

Do you LOVE the work the Bolder Options does?

Do you like to CELEBRATE 30 Year Anniversaries?

In honor of the 30th Year Anniversary of Bolder Options, we are launching

The Bolder Booster Club. 

Our goal is to recruit at least 900 boosters who are committed to giving at least $30 a month. To do this we are looking for 30 Team Captains to recruit 30 Boosters each. 

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Tell me more!

Have you seen 30 for 30 on ESPN? This isn't that. It's better. 30 Team Captains, recruiting 30 Booster, to donate at least $30 a month. That equals at least $27,000 of funding a month and $374,000 a year.


Notice the 30 theme? It's our 30th Anniversary! And we have crazy big goals - to "BOOST" monthly giving and we need your help to do it.


What does it mean for Bolder?

It means more kids like Ashley will have a positive role model like Sarah in her life. It means more families like the Jackson's will have a lifelong supporter in their corner. It means Bolder Options will continue to be a stable anchor in the community for the next 30 years.


Read more about the impact Bolder Options has in the lives of youth and families here.


What's in it for the Captain?

It means they are a catalyst of change and an international rock star in the eyes of all of us here at Bolder Options. Captains will be commemorated permanently at Bolder Options HQ. They will be honored at our Bolder Bash in September. They'll be invited to exclusive Team Captain get togethers. And most importantly, when they successfully recruit their 30th booster, they'll receive the creme de la creme of all Bolder swag, a jacket.

Are you ALL in? All it takes is all you got! Here's how to get started:

  1. Email Ryan Foss stating your commitment to being a Team Captain for the Bolder Booster Club.​​

  2. Click here and launch your personal recruitment web page to track your Boosters.

  3. Download our Booster Recruiting Toolkit for tips and tricks on how to get started.

Still have questions? Not ready to be a Team Captain but want to be a Booster? Call Ryan Foss at 952.201.2130 and let's talk.

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