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Bolder Options empowers middle school youth through transformative mentoring. Our unique approach pairs youth with volunteer mentors for a year, focusing on holistic personal growth and well-being. This leads to a significant impact on their lives, helping them develop resilience, confidence, and self-awareness.

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Bolder Options' mentoring program is free to our volunteer mentors.

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Meet Weekly

Matches meet once a week for two+ hours to foster strong relationships

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We match mentors and mentees based on interests and proximity.

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Mentors receive ongoing support, regular check-ins, and training from program staff to ensure their success.

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Program staff organize at least one activity per week to foster mentor-mentee connections.

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Mentors and mentees receive free access to an athletic facility to promote physical activity and wellness.

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Mentors and mentees receive free tickets to events and fun ideas for community events to explore the city together!

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By joining Bolder Options, mentors and mentees become part of a supportive community.

"If it wasn't for Bolder Options and my mentor, I'd be taking a nap. This year was the best time of my life...I'm loving it!"


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