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Bolder Options' Programs

Bolder Options empowers middle school youth through one-to-one mentoring. Our program pairs each youth with a volunteer mentor who meets with them every week for a year, providing a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and development. Our goal is to help young people build confidence, develop resilience, and achieve their full potential. After graduating from the program, many of our alumni go on to participate in our Alumni Program, where they can continue to receive support and resources as they navigate college, career, and beyond.


One-to-One Mentoring

Bolder Options' One-to-One mentoring provides wellness-based mentoring for middle school youth. Once we identify youth who need support we match them with volunteer mentors who meet with them every week for a year. Throughout their year together, participants focus on holistic personal development through weekly activities hosted by staff. We make mentoring fun and meaningful.

Alumni Program

Bolder Options offers a variety of programming for our "alumni" including career and college exploration programs, leadership development, internships, a scholarship program, and more.

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