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Founder & Managing Partner

Fifth Quarter Integration Solutions

Ezell is motivated to use his time, talent and resources to serve others. The priorities which guide his words and actions are Faith, Family, Friends and Favorites.

Ezell provides C-level preferred access, consulting, business strategy, business development and executive coaching. He is a valued nonpartisan advisor on major policies with extensive relationships at the highest levels in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. Ezell sees the big picture and effectively brings key people to the table to align interests, voices and resources and drive real change.

Ezell uses his more than four decades of successful engagement business experience and community service to forge trusted relationships and collaborations to build community. In his engagement and leadership roles in business and the community, he draws on extensive experience and a unique skill set to bring parties together and facilitate the flow of information and resources. He is committed to developing youth and improving the access and success of small and minority businesses and disadvantaged job seekers. His particular passion is elevating the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs from underserved communities. Ezell exemplifies the idea that “business success and societal success are not mutually exclusive”.

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