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29 years of quality mentoring

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"I want her in my life forever." Years later, Bolder Options mentor and mentee stay connected!


Teah can’t imagine her life now without Martha and the Bolder Options staff and friends she's made!

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Travis is one of our rockstar mentors, check out parts one through three of his interview!


The best relationships are those in which we push each other to learn and try new things. Find out how Brian and David grew as people while having tons of fun in the Bolder Options program.

Brandon feels that he is truly making a difference by being a mentor. Find out more about Brandon's experience as a Bolder Options mentor.

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Chris graduated from Bolder Options 20 years ago and is now a father of three and has a great job. Read more about Chris' story.

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Family is more than just those people you're related to. Family is what you make it. Read more about the Jackson family's journey.

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