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Strategy & Execution Director

NorthRock X

My name is Jacob Murray. I grew up in the Minneapolis area, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2020, and just recently moved into a new role as Strategy and Execution Director at NorthRock X – the sports and entertainment division of NorthRock Partners, the firm I have been with since college and is based in downtown Minneapolis.


I am thrilled to be considered for a seat on the Board of Directors with Bolder Options. Having spent the last 15 months going through the program as a Mentor, I am a firm believer in the mission of the organization and the impact it has on Mentors and Mentees alike. My connection with Bolder Options is based on a mutual passion to enhance the lives of kids in the Minneapolis area, where I have been afforded so many opportunities throughout my life. This program changes people’s lives, and whatever role I carry on behalf of the organization I will continue to be an ardent supporter and advocate for those involved.

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