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Bolder Options celebrates National Mentoring Month with a BOLD goal!

Updated: Feb 5

January is National Mentoring Month, and to celebrate, we want YOU - our community - to nominate friends and family members that you think would make a great mentor for a Bolder Options youth. Our BOLD goal is to receive 150 nominations by the end of January!

We know that some of the best mentors are also the least likely to think of themselves as potential mentors! Your nomination can plant a seed for someone who might be looking for a way to give back. Nominations also help Bolder Options start 2024 strong with a long list of prospective mentors!

Your nominee will receive a postcard or email letting them know that they were nominated (what a great way to brighten someone's day!) and will be invited to upcoming information sessions to learn more about Bolder Options and what it means to be a mentor with us. Simply click the button below to submit your first nomination!

To celebrate achieving our goal of 150 nominations, you and your nominees will be invited to a networking event in early February. Events will be held in both Rochester and the Twin Cities. Can you imagine gathering all of these great people in one place?! More details to come!

Other ways to help promote National Mentoring Month:

Promote Us on Social Media

You know how powerful social media can be, right? So, why not use it to spread the word about Bolder Options? You can use our social media toolkit to share inspiring stories, fun pictures, personal experiences, and success stories. By doing this, you'll help reach even more people who are looking for a way to make a positive impact on young lives. Together, we can reach our goal and recruit amazing mentors!

Become a Mentor Yourself

YOU can become a mentor! Imagine dedicating a few hours each week to mentor a young person. You'll get to be a positive role model, lend a listening ear, and provide guidance to help them overcome challenges. By becoming a Bolder Options mentor, you get to inspire, and motivate a young person to achieve their dreams and have a LOT of fun along the way!

Bolder Options values your support. Our tight knit community is part of what makes us unique. Whether you nominate a friend, share our resources on social media, or become a mentor yourself, you are making a HUGE difference in the lives of young people. So let's do this together and make 2024 National Mentoring Month the best ever! We've got the power to make it happen!

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