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Bolder Options Unveils New Youth-Friendly Logo

Bolder Options just got a makeover, and we're here to show off our new look! As we celebrate 30 years of empowering young people, we recognize the need to refresh our logo and keep up with the times. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce our new, youth-friendly design!

Our old logo was pretty outdated, let's be real. It was clip art-style and didn't really represent who we are or what we stand for. The new logo is bright, bold, and all about the young people we serve. We didn't want to use our initials (BO) in the design - we know that might have been misinterpreted when working with middle schoolers. So we went for a design that incorporated the B of Bolder Options within an open circle, which represents inclusivity and openness. The logo's spokes could mean different things, like life's journeys, a compass, or sunny rays.

We're pumped about the new logo! It's unique, modern, and captures the spirit and values of our organization. We think it represents our commitment to empowering young people and helping them make positive choices, while also reflecting our energy and enthusiasm for the work we do.

We plan to use the new logo across all our platforms, so keep an eye out for it on our website, social media, marketing materials and swag! We hope it will resonate with our target audience and help us reach even more young people.

In short, our new logo is everything we stand for - bright, bold, and youth-friendly. We're excited to display it and continue our mission of empowering young people to build a brighter future.

***A huge thank you to our designer Cornel Beard founder of Charizma Agency for your patience and creative design!

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