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Honoring the Legacy: Appreciating the Incredible Service of Lou Close, Crawford Jordan, Ray Hitchcock, and Jorge Lomeli on the Bolder Options Board

As Lou Close, Crawford Jordan, Ray Hitchcock, and Jorge Lomeli conclude their 

remarkable tenures on the Bolder Options Board, we are filled with gratitude for 

their exceptional service and unwavering commitment. Their contributions have played an integral role in shaping our organization and empowering young 

people in our community. 

All four of these incredible board members will continue sharing their wisdom and passion through our Bolder Options Advisory Board, an elite group of founders and former board members that serve as ambassadors, advisors, and (of course) mentors for the organization and its leadership. 

Lou Close served on the Bolder Options board for over 20 years, including as Board Chair and Development Committee Chair. His consistent and observant presence, along with his time, connections, and support, have been essential in shaping our organization's journey. Lou's deep belief in our mission was exemplified by his daughter's involvement as a mentor. Whenever we needed him, Lou was always there for us. We will greatly miss his valuable contributions as a board member.

Crawford Jordan's tenure on the Bolder Options Board spanned over 10 years. With an impressive background as a football player with the MN Gophers, he brought incredible energy and playfulness to the organization. Crawford is a personable and thoughtful family man, with a keen eye for marketing. He was always eager to elevate the Bolder Options message within the community. We are grateful for his invaluable work on the board.

Ray Hitchcock has dedicated over 15 years to the board, making him the heartbeat of our organization. Ray understands the profound impact mentoring has on the lives of young people. He played a pivotal role in launching our St. Paul branch with his extensive knowledge of the area and valuable connections. He has been a consistent presence at our events, and even won the Bolder Golf Classic Tournament one year. Bolder Options is truly grateful for Ray's exceptional service to our organization.

Jorge Lomeli began his Bolder Options journey as a mentor and later became a valuable member of the board, serving as a program committee chair. He played a crucial role in establishing and developing our alumni program and also served on the alumni board. His reliability is unmatched, and his wisdom and thoughtfulness shine through in all aspects of his work. Having dedicated over a decade on the Bolder Options board, we will truly miss his presence.

In closing, we are deeply grateful for the unwavering dedication, passion, and tireless efforts of Lou Close, Crawford Jordan, Ray Hitchcock, and Jorge Lomeli during their tenure on the Bolder Options Board. Their profound impact on both our organization and the lives of countless young individuals cannot be overstated. Although this chapter may be ending, we know they will remain connected through the Bolder Options Advisory Board and future events. Their legacies will continue to inspire us as we uphold their high standards of excellence, advocacy, and mentorship. Lou Close, Crawford Jordan, Ray Hitchcock, and Jorge Lomeli, we salute you for your exceptional service and unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation.

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