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How Bolder Options Changed the Lives of the Jackson Family Forever

Updated: Feb 9

We originally joined Bolder Options for my oldest son Kelan. He had an injury and was told that he would never be able to play football again. So we tried to find something to keep him active. Never did we think this program would completely change our lives and allow us to build so many meaningful relationships.

Before Kelan was paired with Jon we were having many problems with him. He was constantly getting in trouble at school, not having very good grades and he had run away many times. He was always an angry child trying to find who he was in life. Dealing with the hurt and abandonment he was facing that his biological dad had left and made no effort to contact him.

Elisha and I had felt worn out and didn’t know what to do anymore. There was a point where we thought that Kelan would be better off living somewhere else. It was truly a God-send that Bolder and Jon were placed in our lives. It gave us hope, seeing some light at the end of that dark season.

After Kelan graduated from the program it was suggested from Jon that we enroll Ramiyah into Bolder. He thought that his wife Maggie would be the perfect match for Ramiyah. OH BOY, was he right!!! They hit it off instantly. Ramiyah was a quiet and shy girl. She wasn’t confident because she had a learning disability. She was unsure of herself. She didn’t want to try any new things and was not willing to take any risks.

After both of my children graduated from the program I couldn’t believe the change I saw in them both. Kelan has learned to control his anger and channel it into more positive activities. He has not run away in about 4 years and has no desire to! The miracle we saw and the healing that took place for him to be able to play football again. He is on the varsity football team at North High School. He has made the “B” Honor Roll this last semester. His goal is to go to Nebraska University.

Ramiyah’s confidence boosted. She is more confident in reading out loud even with her learning disability. She works so hard and is so determined that she now is at her grade reading level. She takes more risks and tries so many new things. She is more outspoken and not so shy anymore. Her goal is to be an actress and singer and is very talented at both!

They keep in contact with both of their mentors. They usually see them every couple of months. They always involve our other son Elisha Jr in everything that they do. We are just one big family. Kelan and Ramiyah are a part of the alumni program as well. I love that they started this. It gives them a chance to continue to be involved and never lose track. It is important that we don’t allow any child to get lost in the shuffle or be lost to the streets.

They allow our whole family to be involved and I just love the opportunity to be able to spread love anywhere that we go. I can not go without saying how much we appreciate Bolder Options!!

When they say that it takes a village to raise a family, I can attest to that statement! We LOVE you all with all of our hearts. I just enjoy the time we all have together. We recently went to a cooking night at the Bolder House and it turned into a dance party! We had so much fun!! We can be ourselves. When we are struggling or need help we don’t ever have to worry about being judged.

Thank you all for your LOVE, SUPPORT, AND FAITHFULNESS!!!!


Are you interested in becoming a mentor and changing someone's life? Bolder Options is always looking for caring and committed individuals who want to make a positive impact in the lives of young people. As Ashley and Sarah's story shows, mentoring can lead to lifelong friendships and transformative experiences. Click the button below to learn more about becoming a mentor today.

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